City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Accused of Lies and Plagiarism over ACE Program

Another week, another scandal surrounding embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Hot on the heels of the LAX Lobbyist fundraiser scandal, comes a report from the Los Angeles Dragnet regarding statements made by Trutanich on the Kevin James Show.

The City Attorney claims on the Kevin James Show, that “This is an idea [the ACE Program] that I came up with, uhm, early, er, er, when I became, er, City Attorney.”  That is a claim that the Dragnet says is false, based on research finding a motion from Councilmember Paul Koretz dated January 15, 2010. Worse for Trutanich, the Dragnet claims that the original idea came from Koretz’s Chief of Staff, Richard Llewellyn, who is claimed to have started working on the program when he was working for former City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo as his Chief Deputy.

City Clerk records show the original idea for the ACE Program came in a motion from Councilmember Koretz

There appears to be no mistake about Trutanich’s claim, which he repeats and “embellishes” saying that “This is, er, er, er, a program that when I came up with it, I shared it with other cities, and now San Diego has it, and it’s working just fine, Santa Monica has it and it’s working just fine, and there are other cities up north, up in northern California that have employed the same administrative code enforcement program.” Trutanich told listeners.

Once again, the Dragnet takes issue with the claims that the ACE Program was shared with San Diego and Santa Monica, as “San Diego already had it’s program in place, in force, up and running, long before Trutanich became City Attorney. In fact, early in 2010, Trutanich sent three of his senior Assistant City Attorneys to San Diego to meet with representatives from the San Diego City Attorney’s Office to find out how the program worked.” according to the Dragnet.

The Dragnet article is well worth reading after listening to the statements made on the Kevin James Show. There really does not seem to be any innocent explanation.

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